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What My Kids Learned From BSF’s Revelation Study

Why this Family Recommends Revelation: The Hope for All Ages

Jun 5, 2024

Sherry Thomas

Guest Contributor

During a routine trip to the pediatrician, my six-year-old was working on her BSF lesson.  

Walking in, the doctor asked, “What are you working on?”  

“My Bible study,” answered my daughter while putting away her BSF lesson.  

“Oh! And what are you studying?” she inquired. 


The pediatrician turned to me in surprise, exclaiming, “Revelation?!? What six-year-old studies Revelation?” 

Maybe you’re wondering the same thing. How can children study the book of Revelation? I’d love to tell you three reasons why my husband and I chose to allow our children—who were one, four, six, and ten at the time—to study this often-avoided book through BSF.

1. “These words are trustworthy and true”

(Revelation 22:6)

BSF Kids and Students have always prioritized this biblical truth: God is the hero of every story. While the book of Revelation may seem full of confusing imagery and difficult events, the conclusion is always the same: Jesus can and will make everything right.  As my preschoolers went through the BSF Kids study, I appreciated that they always walked away with the truth that Jesus conquers all.


BSF Kids and Students have always prioritized this biblical truth: God is the hero of every story.


When a passage from Revelation was too mature or unclear for little hearts, BSF chose a parallel passage to teach the same truths, but at an age-appropriate level.  

In BSF Students, my older children read the same Scripture that the adults read, but their lesson questions focused on what is clearly understood as opposed to grappling with what God has purposely kept a mystery. There were times our older children came to us asking questions about things they read, and we saw these as opportunities to explain what we knew, as well as admit to what we still couldn’t comprehend. We didn’t view this as something to fear or explain away, but as a chance to model our trust in the Lord’s sovereignty and character.  

2. “Blessed is the one who reads 

(Revelation 1:3, 22:7)

John begins and ends the book of Revelation with a promise of blessings. He states that the one who hears, the one who reads aloud, and the one who takes to heart what is written in this book will be blessed. John also opens the book with a unique assurance that what he has written is from Jesus, given by God, to be shown to Jesus’s servants.  

I don’t have to wonder what my child will get out of studying Revelation because John, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has assured me that we will get God’s blessings. I will not withhold from my children the good that God intends from the reading and studying of this book. He had Revelation written with them in mind. 

3. “Only he is worthy

(Revelation 4:11)

A good friend once taught some of our children to ride a bike. She held the back of the bike and the handlebar while running alongside, repeatedly reminding them that they needed to look up to stay balanced. “If you look down, you’ll get wobbly,” she warned. Even after she let go, she kept reminding them to look up; when they got nervous and looked down, they would start to fall. While the metaphor isn’t perfect, it’s the same for us. To live an abundant life on earth, our children need to be trained to look up at Jesus.


To live an abundant life on earth, our children need to be trained to look up at Jesus.


The world wants us to look in, look down, and look around for fulfillment, but the book of Revelation demonstrates that creation is most satisfied in the presence of our Savior. Revelation teaches us that to live life abundantly here on earth, we need to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus. He is coming soon to condemn sin and bring His children home to spend eternity with Him.  

Scripture says that every knee will bow in heaven and on earth one day, but what a blessing to choose to bend our hearts and knees to Him now. He deserves to be glorified now as much as He will deserve all glory when sin has been removed. I want my children to know what reverence looks like, and Revelation gives us a beautiful glimpse.  

Lord willing, our family of seven (we had one more child in 2017) will study the book of Revelation again in September. As a mom who prays for her children to place their hope in Christ alone, I can’t think of a timelier study than Revelation: The Hope. 

About the Author

Sherry Thomas learned about Jesus Christ as a child, but as an adult she grasped the concept of a growing relationship with Him through Bible study and prayer. She joined Bible Study Fellowship more than 10 years ago, after the Lord called her out of her corporate job to become a stay-at-home mom. Sherry is happily married to her husband Jacob, who is an International Controller for Bible Study Fellowship. Today, she is a homeschooling mom with five children and an Assistant Children’s Supervisor in her BSF class, and actively serves in her church.

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  1. sharry; well done good and faithful servant. what a great example for your children. i am a children leader and i will become a grandma in a few months and i can not wait for my grandson to be part of BSF student.

  2. I have taken part in the Children’s program as the third person in the classroom. It has always been the revealing experience. Not only do the children enjoy the study presented on their level but they add the content to their already bountiful knowledge of God’s Word. The writers of the Children’s lessons present Biblical knowledge factually and challenging to engage every learner at their level of understanding without overwhelming them.

  3. My grandson was 4-5 during the last Revelation study. My dad, his great grandpa died that August. They were very close. His response? Excitedly. “Papa got to go to heaven! He won’t fall down and get hurt anymore! He can run and jump now. He can eat one of the 12 fruits from the tree by the river!”
    He was so happy for his Papa!
    Instead of a ‘fearful’ study, it was an exciting, hopeful study!

    • Lori- this beautiful testimony made me emotional. Thank you for sharing!

  4. good afternoon
    thank you for sharing on how as a family you studied the book of Revelation . a book i have never read on my own except through reference in church
    i too will be happy to study with my older children now .28 and 18years
    God bless for sharing

  5. I can’t think of anything more exciting for kids to study in the Bible. The book is full of adventure & can read like a graphic novel!!!

  6. I would like to encourage parents/grandparents who are concerned about children studying Revelation. I would also like to encourage Children’s Leaders. It was my third year as a Children’s Leader and I was nervous. I was VERY impressed with the Preschool curriculum and so glad to be in the classroom watching God at work. My own trust in God’s faithfulness was boosted. Each week the children amazed me by the way they listened & answered questions. I applaud BSF for not withholding this study from even the littlest of our members. This time I eagerly look forward to this study without hesitation.

    It was also the first BSF study my daughter (in middle school then) and husband attended BSF. She’s 21 now and remembers her study of Revelation! It brings great joy to my heart and I am so grateful we didn’t miss out on the opportunity to study Revelation as a family.

    Thank you BSF for having the confidence in Christ to bring this study to all ages.

  7. Thanks for these thoughts and encouragements.
    I may use some to encourage children and parents in my church to join our online students programme. I am a children’s leader and was so blessed in the John study

  8. I remember when we studied Revelation in 2016, on the final day kids were join us for reflection and I don’t forget that memorable moment! It’s truly heartwarming to hear how the junior student expressed the idea of having a “test of heaven.” Children often perceive things with a sense of wonder and imagination that can be inspiring for adults. May the study of Revelation continue to inspire and fix our eyes on Jesus, guiding all generations toward hope and faith. 🙏✨

  9. I have been BSF teaching lower elementary children the past 3 years. I have plans to teach Revelation next fall. I am so glad to read what parents opine about this study for children. Looking forward to it!

  10. When I taught Revelation in 2016 as a Children’s Program Leader, my group did not complicate the lessons. Once when I asked a question, one of the students loudly proclaimed, “Jesus Wins.” From then on, that became the class chant. This was something that they started, and it led to excitement and hope, knowing that Jesus would win in the end no matter what happened.

    • I love this Mina and I had similar experiences as a children’s leader, supervisor and assistant. Don’t ever worry about your kids studying revelation. It’s the best thing we can give them-God‘s word.


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