Museum of the Bible brings God’s Word to life

Museum of the Bible brings God’s Word to life


I n the heart of Washington D.C., Genesis 1 soars 40 feet above street level, engraved on the Museum of the Bible’s bronze entrance. The text reminds us that God’s Word stands firm in a changing culture. That narrative continues throughout this spectacular facility, where cutting-edge technology and interactive displays present the Bible’s impact on human history 

“It’s a safe place to come and engage with a Book that’s been speaking for itself for thousands of years,” Museum of the Bible CEO Ken McKenzie said. “We are hoping to instill a hunger and desire to understand God’s Word.”  

Immersive Experience

Through immersive exhibits, the Bible and its history come to life as visitors walk through a firstcentury village, view live performances and explore a multitude of ancient and modern artifacts. Museum officials estimate it would take nine 8-hour days to view the entire collection.  

 “I really enjoy meeting with a blend of people who also say, ‘This is my Book,’ ” Ken said. “Walking through the museum, you might meet a group of nuns, an archbishop from the Armenian church or BSF class members. They all have different ways of looking at faith, but the one thing that brings them together is the Book.”   

For one Amish family, a virtual reality exhibit of Israel fulfilled a life-long dream. 

“As they were walking out, one woman said, ‘As Amish, we don’t travel very far, and I’ve always dreamt of visiting the Holy Land. Now that I’ve done this, I’ve been there,’ ” Ken said. “The museum was able to give her an experience she wouldn’t have had otherwise.” 

A Capital Presence

The concept for the museum began in Dallas, when two private collectors planned to showcase biblical artifacts in a short-term exhibition. The plan for a permanent museum took root, and early benefactors scouted properties in Dallas, New York and Washington, D.C.   

“Washington was chosen because of the relevancy of the museum itself,” Ken said. “I can’t think of a better time than now to point people back to the Bible. It’s a book about hope, and I think that’s a multi-generational message that resonates with people, especially in the nation’s capital.”   

The museum’s purpose is to educate visitors about the Bible’s unique divine content, relevance and impact on history and culture.   

Tackling Controversy 

From an academic perspective, the museum does not avoid controversial history. In one special exhibit, a highly edited Bible featuring only 232 chapters, called The Slave Bible, sits across from The Lincoln Bible, an iconic symbol of freedom.  

The Slave Bible, created in 1808, includes out-of-context passages about slavery and was used by slave traders to reinforce the evil institution. In contrast, The Lincoln Bible, featuring an ornament of Abraham Lincoln breaking the chains of slavery, was purchased by a group of freed slaves in 1863 to celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation.    

“To get the full grasp of the history of the Book, our curatorial staff is committed to representing the entirety of the Bible’s impact,” Ken said. “In doing so, we can present the Bible as an exceptionally wonderful book that has been misapplied and misused in human hands. The display shows that the Book’s entire narrative is necessary to understand God’s story.”    

Unity in the Word

From ancient artifacts to modern culture, the museum presents one defining theme: the Bible’s ability to unite those who believe its truths.   

“One thing that the museum does well is to encourage people to understand other points of view,” Ken said. “I would say it encourages Christians to see how the book has impacted other people and other areas of life. Then we can see what we have in common, instead of looking at what separates us. Understanding the Bible’s significance in the big scheme of things just adds to the richness of what it means to be a follower of Christ.”   

The Museum of the Bible encourages visitors to engage more deeply with God’s Word and others. Whether we’re making a trip to Washington, D.C., or simply accessing collections and tools online, the Museum of the Bible’s exhibits give us a unique opportunity to discuss God’s Word with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.  

For those who want to explore the museum’s exhibits without traveling to Washington D.C, there are several resources available at

Second Floor

The Impact of the Bible

Third Floor

The Stories of the Bible

Fourth Floor

The History of the Bible

Fifth – Sixth Floors

Upper Gallery

World Stage Theater

Stations of the Cross (ends May 27)

Amazing Grace – The Musical

The Book Minute

Spend a minute with one of the best-selling books of all time with The Book Minute from Museum of the Bible. These powerful videos will deliver the history, narrative and impact of the Bible straight to your inbox every Monday. 


  1. When someone writes an post he/she keeps the thought of a user
    in his/her mind that how a user can understand it. So that’s why this post is amazing.


  2. I’ve never had a bucket list until now. I want to see… no, EXPERIENCE the Museum of the Bible!

  3. This museum is indeed a treasure, bringing such unexpected and amazing light and understanding to God’s precious Word. My husband and I were privileged to visit it 2 years ago, and we hope to go back in the not-too-distant future. There is such Light here for our dark world – and we are so thankful!

  4. Praise the Lord.
    We all need to know more on what God says to us.
    The Museum of the Bible is a useful tool.

  5. Thanks Susie for the wonderful info.
    To God be the glory.
    Kudos to all who were behind this beautiful project.
    Very interesting & inspiring.
    Looking forward to be there some day.

  6. Thank you for this. I just visited the Museum of the Bible with my family. We all enjoyed it so much and wish we could have had more time there. We had only one day and that was not enough. So interesting and so much history and all of it glorified our Lord Jesus Christ! It’s a “don’t miss” opportunity!

  7. Thank you Susie for this amazing share. For year’s my dream was/is to go to the Holy Land……Haven’t been able to get there as of yet. Lord wills, one day. This Museum of the Bible i feel was put in the perfect location and with friend’s of mine living there is definitely a visit in the work’s. Thank you so much for enlightening us on such a spiritual blessing to experience this first hand. To God be the Glory.

    • Thank you so much for the information about the Bible Museum. God has given you the gift to inform many of areas we can use to spread the gospel Acts 1,2.
      The plan made or the light started in Dallas of a display has become an enormous big picture of His light.
      May the message have a soaking drenching effect of God’s message and May He be glorified.
      For those who were blessed with this wonderful plan may truth be the emphasis from his sacred word. Holy holy holy is the lord God almighty !!!!
      Judy. Thank you ? BSF

  8. Thank you BSF Admin for all your endeavors in making sure that the word of God is accessible to everyone. It is my opinion that even BSF Online will go a long way in hastening the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for the second time. Again thank you!

  9. Praise the LORD. GOD’s Word is forever. Blessings to all.

  10. It is such an encouragement to have visuals of the Bible where even children for those of us who teach in schools can go and witness the amazing Book brought to life. It also makes me feel better that no evil can prevail over good even with recent bombing and persecution of christians in parts of the world

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I also pray that I may visit Washington to see and touch this amazing Book

    God bless those who have made this available to the Christian community and beyond as well as the caretakers of the Book

  11. I’ve been to this museum once, and, as others have posted, could not take it all in with just one visit. I think I only got through a floor and a half! So I will be back this summer (and, I hope, more than once). It is a remarkable testament to the power and promises of God. Thank you, Susie, for showcasing this resource that stands out in a city and a world that wants to keep the Bible hidden!

  12. We thank the Lord for this wonderful story that will go a long way in making us live the Word and to affirm and equip the next generation to know the truth of the Gospel. And these truths are for all generations. Wonderful

  13. Thank you Susie for enlightening us on the Museum of the Bible. Looks beautiful. Amust place to visit! God bless.

  14. I visited the bible museum in Washington DC while there with my husband. Unfortunately there is so much to see I only made it through the first couple floors. I’m hoping to go again next spring and finish touring this beautiful new museum. Thank you for the information.

  15. Thank you, Susie for these blogs. As a young Christian woman working in market place, I immensely enjoy reading these blog posts from time to time. So happy to see the transformation at BSF – connecting with us though these blogs and I believe this will be a great step in making BSF relevant to all age groups. Blessings!

  16. Thanks Susie for enlightening us on this remarkable initiative. Probably the best reason to visit Washington DC.

  17. Such a thoughtful decision to put the Museum of the Bible in our nation’s capital since the Unites States was founded by people seeking God’s direction for the country. Hopefully this museum will have a profound impact on those leading our nation. Thank you for the information and I hope to visit this exhibit someday.

  18. I am in awe. I hope one day I can be there! Thanks for letting us know.

    • This blog is so admirable, with such authenticity. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m adding the Museum of the Bible on my list of places to go. I really would love to walk around in the presence of some of the things I’ve read about.

      Denise kirkland

  19. So cool! May the Museum of the Bible engage minds and soften hearts to our Holy and so personal Heavenly Father—as we have seen over and over this year in PPL1!

  20. Thank you so much Susie for sharing this wonderful information about The Museum of the Bible, moreso at a time we are studying about Solomons temple, a foreshadow of Jesus Christ the temple. It is so wonderful to have resources used for the glory of God. I look forward to going to the museum to experience The Bible

  21. I visited back in February for the first time. It was fascinating. It far exceeded my expectations. God in His sovereignty knew the perfect place to build that museum. As I walked through the halls and the different floors noticing all the different nationalities represented the day I was there, I had the thought that this is what heaven will look like. It’s a must see! I look forward to visiting again! To God be the glory!

  22. I look forward to visiting. Thank you so much for letting me know about the musi.

  23. I am a CL at our beloved BSF class in Edmonton, AB. I have known Ken (Museum director) and his wife, Sonia for the past 32 years. Such a fine man to help this great ministry thrive in these spiritually dark tmes – and a Canadian, to boot!! God’s rich blessings upon you and your household, Ken! We hope to visit the Museum of the Bible next year!

  24. This is certainly the world’s best and excellent Museum. The Bible is the only book inspired by God the Holy Spirit. This
    museum is one of ways of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World. Thank you Madam Susan Rowan for sending
    this email. I have been attending BSF Class for the last 18 years in Bangalore India without missing even a single class by
    God’s Grace only and i plan to continue till God calls me to to His house. I came to Know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior after I started attending BSF class which led me to worship in a Bible based Church. Before that I was going to a Church which does not depend on the Bible only as the Word of God. I have never visited any foreign country and for the past 45 years I ‘am trying in vain. Please pray that i will be able to visit the Museum of the Bible In Washington D.C with my beloved Wife SIBI and also visit your BSF Head quarters at San Antonio to volunteer in any department. Thank you once again for sharing.

    Yours in Christ

    Lal Jacob

  25. Thank you for sharing the news of this museum with our BSF community! My husband and I devoted a few hours to visiting this fantastic museum when in Washington, D.C. last October. We needed more time! Put the Museum of the Bible on your “must do” list when you visit DC. Be sure to get tickets for the tour of Washington, D.C. monuments (kind of a drone-like tour where you are “flying” above the city, swooping down to see some of the Biblical references on monuments, buildings, etc.). We loved the exhibits, and lunch at the cafe was a delicious experience, too. We are going back!

  26. I took my Mother last year for Mother’s Day. She was 97 years old & could keep up with her 62 year old Daughter. She was so happy to be there & enjoyed every min. We spent 4 hrs there & had lunch in the cafeteria.
    Thank you for sharing

  27. I took my daughter and a few other kids to the museum when we were on an 8th grade trip to DC. It was amazing. We had to walk a few miles in the rain to get there, but it was worth it. I only wish we had more time to explore it. We only had about 2 hours and that was not quite enough to see everything. There are some incredible experiences and we were not able to do them all. It is a beautiful facility and everything is displayed beautifully and well done. It is definitely worth a visit. We hope to go back when we can.

    • Wow, amazing!!!
      The videos give a tangible feel of the halls… Hope to one day go there and experience it in person. Like the Bible, it is truly inspired by God. Thank you for sharing Susie, God bless.

  28. Dear Susie C. Rowan, thank you so much for sharing your experience with the Museum of the Bible. Hope one day I can go and bring my family too. I went to visit the one here in Dallas several times, just across the North Park Mall, but this one is awesome beautiful, I will compare as Solomon’s Temple in our days of glorify in the Name of the LORD. I bless all the people whose work make possible such great honor for our LORD. And a blessings to you too, for sharing it with us, in His holy Name, amen.

  29. This is awesome. I would like to see it in person one day. To God be the glory for the great things He has done.

  30. Last year our family planned a week long visit to the museum. Thirteen of us (age range 70+ to 9),rented an Airbnb close to the Metro, which stopped within a block from the museum.
    Our visit was amazing! We spent 5 full days in the museum; and could have spent more!
    Reading the children’s comments on the comment cards was so exciting. The museum offers many hands-on activities and films that keep young minds actively involved. We all grew in our love and understanding of our God.
    I hope to return some day.
    Special blessings to all who had the foresight to create the museum, all who worked on it and all who visit.

  31. Dear Susie Rowan ED.BSF.Thanks for BSFer partnership has been a blessings to many by bringing God’s Word to life.The Museum will remain a monumental achievement in heart of Washington D.C. for us and generations to come.It will be a testimony that mankind creation enjoys a special relationship with God.King Solomon’s abilities and enthusiasm to build the Temple of God is fresh in our minds and living testimony today.Likewise ,the Museum constructed in2017 was empowered by God’s spiritual Word and to accomplish work of Museum in Washington D.C. will be atestimony to many in future.Ours is to appreciate their remarkable achievements and appreciate the collection and display of biblical artfacts,the historic slaves cum slaves trade and subsequent freedom.God empower his people to see His revelations about himself and plan for the salvation of the World.To the glory and fame of Jesus Christ.

  32. Thank you for the information regarding the Bible Museum.
    I did not know it existed….and in Washington!
    My hope is that I will be able to experience it in person.

    Thank you so much……

  33. Thank you for sharing this great information. A friend talked to me about this amazing place. It is in my bucket list…

  34. Thank you so much for sharing, God bless…

  35. We just returned from our second visit to the Bible Museum. What an incredible experience, the people who making this possible bringing such clarity of God’s love for each and every person words cannot describe.
    Truly grateful wil be returning often,for new exhibits are forever happening.

  36. I’d love to visit this museum one day. At present, I’d like to make a donation to support its work.
    How can I do it? Where do I send the donation?
    May God be glorified!

  37. I would like to visit the Meseum of tge Bible oneday

  38. My husband and I spent two days in this marvelous place, and still want to go back to see more! From the moment we entered I was transfixed. There were several times I was moved to almost tears, heart full of the scope of Our Lord’s Word and His enduring faithfulness to speak to HIs people. We are members now, and highly recommend taking the Museum Highlights Tour as an introduction.

  39. My family spent a glorious 3 1/2 hours here (mostly camping out on the 4th floor). My mother had complete access in her wheel chair; while our 11 yr old, who has no affinaty for museums, stayed amazingly engaged utilizing the tablet and headphones. It was a thrill to mingle with people from all over the world, of every age and every persuasion, drawn there for various reasons, but ultimately paying homage to the Holy Scriptures! We are all eager to go back! What a treasure; I cannot say enough!
    Thank you, Bennett Rolan, for this feature.

  40. It would be a dream come true to be able to see it.

  41. I became a member of the museum early last year before I visited. I was truly impressed beginning with the bronze entry-way and amazing animated ceiling. The subway station was within a block of the entrance. It will probably help if you make a reservation before you go. You’ll probably need more than one day if you take advantage of all the exhibits and lectures, etc..

  42. Thank you and Praise God

    • This is SO wonderful! Thank you to those who provided funds for this to become reality.

  43. Our daughter attends college in Washington DC and we experienced the museum this fall while visiting her. While I cast my ballot for the Dulles airport Air and Space Museum, I was not disappointed to lose the family vote. The exhibits and artifacts were amazing . From my perspective the most fascinating exhibit chronicled the efforts of Billy Graham to spread God’s word and included his personal, annotated Bible.

  44. We visited last summer while in Washington with our eight year old granddaughter. It was AMAZING! So informative, so many artifacts! Kids have a tablet that makes the exhibits come alive with a story or information when you scan with it. We all learned so much, loved it all, especially the history of the Bible in American Education and testimonies of those who once did not believe but came to faith. The featured exhibit at the time was Billy Graham and His Ministry–what a wonderful tribute to a great man of God. Spread the word, this will be a blessing to the city, the country and to all who visit.

  45. I never knew that God was honored like this, we usually hear only very negative things about Washington D.C.

  46. Wow, it must be a place to visit! Like the Holy Land is a place I pray that I will be able to visit maybe once in two years. The Word of God uplift,challenges and inspires me.

  47. We absolutely loved the museum! What a blessing to see in the heart of Washington!

  48. How does one get the sound on?

    On another note: I have been to DC several times and have been to about every museum including the Holocaust museum. Now, I will need to go back to visit this beautiful museum giving God the glory. Praise the Lord for allowing this museum to minister to all the visitors who visit it in the epicenter of our seat of government! I pray many lives will experience the greatness of our God and Savior! Blessings to all who were part of this remarkable embarkation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! It was unexpected to receive blog message to read from Susie ,first was experience of holy land tour sharing, I am looking forward to receive every new blog message, so interesting and valuable, thanks so much. Praise The LORD! This is God’s activity ! He has provided for me.

  49. This is awesome. Thank you so much.

    What is the schedule for the tours, etc.?

    • Praise God for this Ministry.

      • This is wonderful news. Thanks for This information. The place to go when in DC. next. The Bible is a wonderful Book, it connects us all that believe in Christ and all that are learning about Christ purpose for us. The truths are in the Bible for all our generations to read. Thank you again.

      • Thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us. It is phenomial. God bless you all as you continue to serve Him.

    • Thanks for sharing. I just love this initiative and the discussions it will open up around the Bible and its relevance in our generation.
      May God bless this effort and others like it.


      • Thank you very much for sharing Susie. The Museum as visited daily by people from all corners of the Universe or at any time, by anyone, it reminds them and brings to life the “WORD”, The Holy Bible , and it is , thus, Edifying, Glorifying and Honoring our LORD GOD Almighty!!! GLORY To GOD !!! May His name reign in our hearts. May the Holy Spirit guide us as we read His WORD daily , so that we may have divine intervention and discerning wisdom to understand The WORD and interpret it in its purity to our families and neighbors, in JESUS CHRIST ‘s Mighty name, I Pray! AMEN!!! May the Lord our God bless you Susie and all the founders and builders of this master piece , which is , I think, both, heavenly and earthly treasure build by wisdom from GOD Himself. I
        will try my utmost to visit it with my family. Stay blessed ??!!!



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