“It happened in BSF … “

By Casey Santos – Teaching Leader, Florida

Sometimes God gives us glimpses into His personal work in someone else’s heart … and we realize from a different perspective just how magnificent He is.

“He is always proving to me that He doesn’t need my help executing His perfect plan… although I often assume that He does. Motherhood humbles me daily and sets before me a constant choice: trust the Holy Spirit’s power to capture and transform my children’s hearts–or try and do it myself.  All too often I choose the latter.

“This past fall, our Day Women’s Class launched a School Program. I was so excited because my son was entering sixth grade, and I planned on homeschooling him for the very first time. Every Tuesday morning he would be up early, dressed and ready for BSF before I was! We would have such funny conversations about all he was learning.

“Then in Leader’s Meeting, I got to hear the prayers of his children’s leaders while, at home, I watched God answer them IN my son!

“A few weeks after the People of the Promised Land 1 study year had ended, Joshua began talking more and more about getting baptized. He practically ran up when our pastor gave an invitation one Sunday. When prompted to give a date for surrendering his life to Christ, he looked at me questioningly, ‘But what if I don’t know the exact date?’ So I asked him, ‘When did Jesus become real to you, Joshua? Like when did you understand why and how much you need Him to be in charge of your heart?’

“And this is what he said: ‘To be honest, Mom, it happened in BSF.’

“So he wrote down September 2018 on his little card and walked up to the water. It was honestly somewhat surreal. For the first time … maybe ever … I truly felt like this boy in front of me wasn’t mine at all. He wasn’t concerned about anything other than proclaiming whose he was … and the joy on his face as he came up out of that water proved to me there is NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD!!  

“BSF didn’t save my son … but it was the place where he felt safe to ask questions and to discover the truth about his own sinful heart.

It challenged him in ways that made him see God in a different light. It taught him why his faith needed to be his own – not the faith of his parents or anybody else.”

There truly is no one like our God!

BSF and its impact on lives such as Joshua’s are only possible because of God’s faithful provision through the generosity of people such as you – class members, volunteers and supporters.
We operate by faith on the generosity of members and friends. Every contribution helps our ministry continue to share God’s unchanging Word year after year. The end of the year provides giving opportunities to take advantage of tax-favored methods, such as gifts of stock or gifts from IRAs.
For more information, visit bsfinternational.org.
Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity as we seek to magnify God and mature His people together.


  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing story with your son. It moved me a lot. Maybe I should raise my children in that way, one day. Thanks for showing us the perfect parenting in God’s way.

  2. Happiness is the Lord, it is to know the Savior and Jesus and me is in close personal relationship, and finally, we have a change in behavior and massive peace of mind and spirit.


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