Is your waiting God’s Preparation?

By Chad Lackey – BSF Chief Adminstrative Officer

Have you ever felt like the future is unclear, even disconnected from the present? You know you have skills and potential. You can do more. But circumstances have left you thinking, “What is God’s purpose for me?”

For years, our daughter Chelsea prayed for the opportunity to own her own business. She dreamed of opening a CrossFit gym that fostered a community centered on love, focus, and passion. Chelsea was on a mission, viewing a gym as an opportunity to share Christ’s love with others. When a location in Seattle became available in 2018, it seemed like God’s provision.

From the moment she opened the gym doors, however, Chelsea faced some of the hardest and yet most rewarding circumstances of her adult life, one after another. The calling for the gym was clear, but every day brought new challenges.

As it turned out, that experience was God’s purpose, just not how we pictured. I mean, who can anticipate a pandemic?

Six months after the first COVID case was reported in the U.S., federal and local restrictions forced Chelsea’s gym to close. After years of careful planning, Chelsea faced the painful reality that her business would not survive the pandemic. It was hard for us to understand why God led her to this difficult place.

Without a clear path forward, Chelsea clung to God’s character. Trusting His faithfulness allowed her to persevere, even when the outcome was uncertain. I watched my daughter pray and wait, because with God nothing is wasted. His purpose stretches well beyond our plans. He is always shaping us to fulfill His bigger mission.

Jesus Prepared the Disciples

In Matthew 10:6-7, Jesus sent His disciples on a mission.

“Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’”

The mission was clear, but the instructions were a real challenge. Jesus required His disciples to be generous, unoffendable, and courageous. He challenged them to rely on God, promising He would provide for their needs.

We don’t know how the disciples reacted to Jesus’ instructions, but we do know they went. They were obedient. They walked in faith and experienced God’s provision along the way. After months of following Jesus, they were given authority and trusted to practice their preaching and reach the lost. Under the threat of persecution and rejection, the disciples went, and we know they all returned.

So why did Jesus send them on this mission?  Was it to teach them that God provides, that He is reliable? Was it to test their faith in difficult circumstances? Probably all of this and more.

Jesus used this experience to prepare them for the future. The disciples’ success wasn’t measured by a count of those healed or those who followed Christ. In Matthew’s account, the emphasis is on experience, obedience, and preparation.

In Matthew’s final chapter, Jesus gives the disciples their ultimate mission.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Jesus’ words echo Matthew 10:6-7, but He expands their commission. This time, they are to reach all people and all nations. Earlier, Jesus taught them that His power was enough to complete the mission He gave them. Through Him they found the strength to be generous, unoffendable, and courageous. Their faith was enough because God is enough.

Jesus Prepares Us Today

For Chelsea, God led her through some very difficult experiences to prepare her for what was to come. When her business closed, she had time to reflect on God’s character and His mission. When presented with a new opportunity to open another gym, Chelsea had to make a choice. Would she take a risk and step out in faith? Could she trust God to provide?

Chelsea opened her new gym in October 2020. Her past experiences are helping her build a community of love, focus, and passion. As a family, we continue to pray that this gym will be a place where people come to know the love of Christ.

You have probably been where Chelsea was, asking, “What is God’s purpose?” Or maybe you are there right now. I encourage you to take some time in those moments to reflect on what God has taught you. Where has He been faithful? How has He loved you? What do you know about God and circumstances for certain now that you just thought you knew before?

Knowing that God has given you these truths and experiences, be encouraged that He is able do more for you than you can imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Stay strong and stay on mission because He is reliable.


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BSF CFO Chad Lackey learned God's purpose through waiting.

Chad Lackey

BSF Chief Administrative Officer

Chad is the Chief Administrative Officer at BSF.  Chad and Lauri, his wife, are blessed with three children, two children-in-law and five grandchildren!  Chad lives in the Seattle area where he served as a teaching leader and group leader before answering the call to BSF HQ.  Chad loves God, loves people and loves to see life change one step at a time!  Chad and Lauri love to hang out with friends, travel some and spend time with their family!  Of course, there is golf too…

What is God teaching you?

Chad Lackey shared his insights from Matthew 10, we want to know what God is teaching you! In the form below, share how God has been working through His Word this year.

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  1. I have prayed a thousand prayer for healing of multiple myeloma. It has been over 7-years now and I’m still waiting for HIS answer. What is He preparing me for? I don’t really know. Although my body may be weak at times my desired is to do His work and for His Glory. As I wait….
    I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you, Lord. This is a verse that is in my prayer from time to time.

  2. I was so convinced if I put the Lord first in my life, HE will protect my “family” and will my greatest desire for us to be together. However, at the moment I didn’t expect it the most, the father of my baby left me (just after our baby’s birth).
    It was so painful because during my pregnancy, I really thought God began to work in him as he accepted from time to time to pray with me and to attend church.
    Now there is 7 months until this event.
    The vision of a family which will glorify God and Christ-centered is so clear in me. Despite what I see now, God teaches me to rely on HIS goodness which will transcend the “me, my dream, my life” for a greater purpose for each of us.
    I will patiently wait for the Lord as mentionned in Lamentations 3! HE will surely lead, restore but yet HE has begun by refining me and establishing an amazing intimacy with a person even me.

    • I can only say that in situations like this, every person still has free will not to choose God. My heart hurts for you in this situation. God can still work out this circumstance to His glory and in a way that might totally surprise you.

  3. To trust him

  4. Thank you for the inspiration to think on this topic! Before the pandemic began, I was active in ministry as a worship leader, had a significant role in another ministry together with my husband. We both also worked full time outside the home. We lived very close to our church, our jobs and many friends. Our weekends and holidays were typically filled with delightful parties, and dinners with friends and we stayed busy in our lives.

    Shortly after the pandemic began, we decided to purchase a home far away from the hustle and bustle of north Dallas where we could get more home for our money and try small town living for a change. Two years have now gone by and we are no longer in ministry, and are still looking for a church home. We have made few friends in our new area and like most people effected by COVID, the parties and dinners ceased. Outings have consisted of going to the grocery store and out to eat occasionally, along with Zoom visits with family and friends. We have both worked from home for the last two years. I have often wondered and asked God why he isn’t using me much anymore. I miss singing and leading worship and I miss the numerous, wonderful people previously such a big part of my life. However, as I reflect on these past two years, I realize God has poured out blessings. My husband I have are closer than ever. We have had time to enjoy our marriage and focus on loving each other. We have had time to make our new house our home. I have learned that God is enough, my husband is enough and our home is enough! My heart is full! We are healthy, joyful and alive! Although I don’t know what God’s plans are for the future, I am singing to him now, loving him now and dreaming of opening my home to my neighbors and new friends. I have learned to surrender to God’s plan and to find joy in him and his word! Spring is around the corner and I expect it to be a continued awakening of my soul, of learning higher truths that enable me to love God and others with a purer love that doesn’t crave accolades or praise from men. Maybe the quiet, alone time of the pandemic has enabled me to walk into spring 2022 with a level of gratitude and peace I didn’t known I needed, and therefore had never pursued or asked of God. What a beautiful silver lining.

    I have wondered why this is my current lot in life and have asked God why he isn’t using me much anymore.

  5. At this time of my life, the Beatitudes have awaken my heart. They have taught me how to see my inner-self. They have bought a new vision of my character toward God, family and others who surround me. I have learned to trust in his righteousness, faithfulness and love for me and others. I pray that I will honor Him being salt and light. As Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. I am growing in humbleness something I was lacking.
    I am so grateful for BSF and these teaching on the Unexpected King. It has bought me new expectations of God words. But most of all The love and understanding of His Son Jesus Christ. Today I confess I’m closer to the voice of the Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus name for growth in wisdom, knowledge and comprehension so I can so I can be a blessing to His Kingdom.

  6. A beautiful story to teach us how God is with us and always providing. Thank you for sharing this story. My business started at the beginning of the pandemic and I learned how to navigate networking online. It’s been quite a journey and I love how God has always shown me His Way. I can also relate to how He has me learning so much first before I believe my business is at a point where I am steady with a flow and a way that makes His perfect sense. Peace does overcome me when I trust Him and abide in Him. Some pruning has occurred with friends that breaks my heart but I am in awe of how He prepares the way. Grief and sustainable practices continue to show up. He leads me to the fresh water for the sake of His Kingdom.

    • Studying book of Mathew is really helping me to grow in Faith. It helped me to learn that he is in control. He is my provider. And if everything is in his control then I don’t have to worry about my circumstances , my tribulations and any diseases because he will take care of everything. I just need to have Faith in him. My God is a promise keeper and whatever promises he did with us he hill fulfill them definitely but on his time, we just need to wait patiently.
      Our son 9 yrs old diagnosed with Muscular dystrophy when he was almost 4 yrs old and dr said there is no medication to treat him. But we know and totally given him in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ because he is our healer and merciful God. When we are studying book of Mathew it has lots of Miracles what Jesus did and when I read this it really grow my Faith that my Lord will definitely heal him and whatever his purpose it will be fulfilled.

  7. He’s helping me to take seriously the expectations He has for us and also helping me to marvel at what grace is when He gives it to me. I bring nothing but He pours out love and patience and kindness again and again! What a hero! Thank you for sharing this story Chad and we also will pray for Chelsea’s gym to show Gods love!

  8. The past 10 years have been years of testing and triumph.
    Since 2007 I’ve had 10 surgeries on MyHabit hip and knee joints. As a Christ seeker, my head knew God works in all things for good; in reality I lost my job and have had lots of pain and frustration; now in my heart I know God has brought much good. My daughter lives I’m Ireland and yet ecause of my forced retirement I have had the joy of being with my daughter at the birth of each of her 3 grandchildren’s births and my my husband and I are active and intentional grandparents. This is only one recent and obvious lesson we have learned because of a lifetime of God’s faithfulness to me
    After 24 years ,

  9. After losing my job in September because of COVID, this devotion is encouraging and perfect timing. He is teaching me to stay focused, stay close and keep moving forward to boldly share the gospel. God’s timing is always perfect, as I wait for a door to open.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  10. He is teaching me of my need to wait & depend on Him ALWAYS

    • Amen Grace!

  11. Matthew is showing that God can and will do what I think is impossible. If it is for my good he will provide. Been praying consistently that God would soften my heart and my husbands heart towards each other. Our hearts have hardened the past 50 years but these past few months I have seen huge changes on both of our hearts. Thank you for this study

    • Karen, this is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing!

    • Karen, thank you for helping me face the truth in my own life. I pray that God will soften both my husbands & my hard hearts towards each other. We also have been together for 50 years & I feel that my well is dry. We need God’s help! Only He can do what I think & feel is impossible. Help me Lord, in my unbelief, I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  12. Praise God for His favor and for establishing the work of His hand. Praise God for providing new workers for the Harvest Chad and Lauri Lackey 🙏

  13. When will lessons resume after Christmas ?

    • Dear Joyce, most classes begin the week of Jan 4 or 10. Check with your group leader or class administrator for more details!

  14. Thank you for sharing this timely message of hope and faith. God bless you and your family.

  15. Thank you Chad!

    This message is right on time. Thank you for writing it. God is speaking through you.

  16. Thanks. I needed to hear this.

    • Thank you Lord….just what I needed to hear.

      God bless you Chad.

  17. This year is so bad year for our country. We lost our freedom and happy days. We are so painful until this week Sunday happening in Yangon. We pray and hope inthe Lord for our peace and freedom in Myanmar.
    However, by our fellowship of BSF helps me to hope in the Lord. God is sovereign. Jesus loves and cares Israel people and gentiles.
    I believe and trust in the Lord He is controlling all situation. I love Jesus and He is my secure.

    • Praying for you and your country

      • Praying for Myanmar and for the
        Peace of God to shower your nation and move in the hearts of many to turn to God and receive HIS gift.

    • Keep the faith and I will pray with you for you and your country

  18. Thanks ! Yes. When we take at His word and truly trust Him how can He not rrespond ? Lay your burden upon me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light He said.

    To simply discipline ourselves to keep the focus on Him is the key to walking through uncertain times. It’s at these times we finally see He truly has been providing. Not maybe the way we expected but there for certain. Good luck to Cindy. She will be fine and so will het gym

  19. Staying close to God is my priority. Daily bible reading and prayer, practising God’s presence every day, is the only way to live victoriously. I find myself talking to God more and more in everyday situations. I have a lot of stress points in my life but being able to constantly turn them over to God is what keeps me ‘sane’.

  20. We’re doing this chapter in Chennai this week. Good insight.

  21. One crucial decision in our life makes a lot of difference. Our
    life scenario would have changed for better or for worst in that one decision. In Christ Jesus we are given chance after chance, opportunities after opportunities to correct our path. God never give up on us. We just need to hold on to Him in our countless mistakes, wrong decisions, we will reach the destination God has desired for us. Amen! PTL

    • Jessica, I love this. Thank you for this reminder. When we hold on to Him, He makes our paths straight!

      • God has taught me to rely on him,in all things ,great & small He is my ROCK my SALVATION my everything .
        God has taught me to lean on him, he satisfies & gives peace
        when all seems lost

    • Good point.

    • Absolutely. God has promised to never leave us or forsake us, His mercies are new every morning.

  22. Goo is teAching me to be patient n to be more compassiinate.

    • Tina, that is so encouraging! So thankful for the way God works in His people


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