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Artwork from creators around the world inspired by each prophet.

All artwork is the copyrighted property of the artist and displayed here with permission. BSF will post individual art on Facebook and Instagram each week for sharing on social media. Please contact the artist directly to purchase or print their work.



By Dale Olsen, U.S.


Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16.

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About: Dale Olsen is an artist and architect, husband, father, grandfather and follower of Jesus Christ, the giver of talent. He attends a BSF class in Illinois.



By Irene Chang, People’s Republic of China


“This painting depicts the story of Amos. He was a shepherd and a minor prophet, preaching mainly on the themes of justice, God’s omnipotence, and divine judgment. Amos also talks about his visions, which depict a locust swarm, scorching fire, great earthquakes, and Israel’s idol temple at Bethel crumbling down into ruins.

The entire painting is done with the symbols of X’s and O’s, representing God’s judgment and reminding us of the final Judgment Day.”

– Irene Chang

Amos. Oil on Canvas. 100cm x 100cm

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Facebook: IreneChangStudio

Instagram: ArtistIreneChang

About: Irene Chang is an international artist currently residing in Shanghai, China. She grew up in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, and was educated and received her BA from Columbia University and MBA from Harvard University. In addition to painting, Irene is also a vocalist, a theatrical performer, and plays the piano. Irene is thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to paint for BSF.



By Tom Foty, U.S. 


“The prophet Hosea and his beloved wife Gomer.”

– Tom Foty
Oil on Board 25×20″

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Instagram: @fotyart

About: Tom Foty has attended BSF on and off since 1983. He served 11 years as a Group Leader and then was asked back into leadership for an additional 8 years. He knew very little of God’s Word when he started BSF in 1983. BSF has been instrumental in his walk with Jesus. To God be all Glory!


“Prophet Zephaniah” 

By Dorothea Mannes, Netherlands


“I began with a vision of a mask. Yet, I felt confused after researching and finding all sorts of masks with ritual and spiritual functions. Not until I recalled Greek theater masks did my vision begin to make sense and take shape. Greek drama masks have a large gaping mouth that functioned as a megaphone so that even the back row audience could hear clearly.

Prophets proclaim urgent messages to people. God’s prophets were God’s mouthpiece to the people.

God’s message through Zephaniah included an awful and drastic warning. Zephaniah announced judgment and destruction for all things offensive to God and His kingdom. However, after judgment, those who turn to the Lord will experience the blessing of His presence.

I created this mask to capture both aspects – the pain of the horrible warning and the promise of future, endless joy with God.

Just as people see new aspects when they zoom in to view photos on their phone or tablet, the same is true for this piece of art. If we focus, we can see light and hope, despite the overall appearance.”

– Dorothea Mannes

Artist Details


About: Dorothea Mannes moved to the Netherlands at the end of 2019 and is now living and working in Leiden. Before, she lived in Beijing, China, for 20 years. Dorothea was born in 1961 in Weinheim, Germany, and studied stage, costume design, and film animation at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach. She was first introduced to BSF by a friend in 2015 in Beijing.


“The Prayer of Habakkuk” 

By Louise Low, Malaysia


Size: 8x 10 inches
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2022

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Instagram: @louiselow


“The portrait of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil”

By Agnes Leung, U.K.


“A portrait of the prophet Elisha, with the poor widow and her two sons, inspired by 2 Kings 4:1-7.

By faith, the widow followed Elisha’s advice. She borrowed from her neighbors as many empty jars as she could get. She closed her doors and began to fill the borrowed jars with oil from her own meager supply. As she obeyed, God provided enough oil to fill all the jars. She then sold the oil and gained enough money to save her two sons from slavery.

Painted with an iPad, with Procreate.”

– Agnes Leung

Artist Details

Instagram: @agnes_leung

About: Agnes is a passionate illustrator, children’s book writer, and art educator based in England, UK. Her clients include a variety of Christian organizations, and her work may be found in magazines, books, and on Bible covers. Agnes has loved creating art since childhood and believes the greatest Artist of all is her Creator, the Lord God Almighty. She loves depicting the beauty of nature and the flavor of humanity. Agnes moved from Hong Kong and settled in the UK in 2021. She has been a member of BSF for over ten years and finds deep nourishment through God’s Word and the love of her fellow BSF members.


“Return to Me”

By Jeremy Stout, U.S.


“This piece is based on the book of Joel, and emphasizes the justice and mercy of God as depicted by the locust/knife image and the dove descending downward. While Israel faced judgment for their idolatry and sin, God was gracious to extend salvation to “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord” (2:32) in repentance.”

– Jeremy Stout

Artist Details

Instagram: @jstoutillustration

About: Jeremy is a freelance artist living in Indiana. His personal artwork is most often a reflection of Scripture doing its work in his own heart and mind. Bible-based and tattoo inspired, his work is gritty and edgy; however, Jeremy’s hope is that through his art the truth of God’s Word will make its way into others’ hearts in the same way it has worked in his own heart.



By Lindi Venter, Taiwan


“This portrait of Isaiah is in reference to Isaiah 40:31, “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’ “

– Lindi Venter

Artist Details

Instagram: @lindiventerart

About: Lindi Venter has been a BSF member for three years. After studying art in university back home in South Africa, she moved to Taiwan where she feels God touched her heart anew. She believes God has given her this artistic talent to honor and serve His kingdom. 



By Rajesh Kumar Gogu, India 


“Nahum highlights God’s kindness and also His judgment against the wicked. I tried showing how the prophet Nahum’s eyes were fixed on a key verse in the book, Nahum 1:3. The overall mood of the painting is Nahum in a prayerful posture with his fists clenched asking God to intervene to judge the wickedness of Nineveh. The colors on his face show the mixed emotions of the prophet. The painting also depicts God moving in a whirlwind to judge the nation. The tones of blue and red show both kindness and judgment of God. I chose a digital medium to create a dramatic and vivid picture of God’s power, patience, and vengeance.”

– Rajesh Kumar Gogu

Artist Details


About: Rajesh Kumar Gogu serves as the Teaching Leader of the New Delhi India EM class. He is a car designer by profession and currently heads the design studio of India’s leading car manufacturer. Painting is his hobby. For Rajesh, bringing a blank canvas to life is not only a reflection of God’s image but also an act of worship.



By Adrian Johnston, U.S.


“Inspired by Jonah 4:6, ‘Then the Lord God provided a leafy plant and made it grow up over Jonah to give shade for his head to ease his discomfort, and Jonah was very happy about the plant.’

This art emphasizes God’s provision for Jonah as he awaited Nineveh’s destruction. In the heat and discomfort of the desert, God supplied Jonah with shade through a plant of unusual and exaggerated proportions.

Often, we are blind to the strange forms God’s mercies take in our lives. Notice the unique features of this artwork – the plant’s fish-shaped shadow or the inset of the composition framed as a story within a story. This latter feature mirrors the book itself, which leaves us with deeper questions we each must answer for ourselves.”

– Adrian Johnston

Color Image: Oil and Mixed Media on Panel, 8x10in

Artist Details


Instagram: @drston

About: Adrian Johnston is an artist and illustrator, currently serving as a TL in Boston. 


“Prophet Obadiah’s Warning” 

By Seth Sengendo, Uganda


“This work is a depiction of the prophet Obadiah’s warning against the gloating Edomites.

The blue sky and rock structure in the background depict the sense of security and trust Edom put in the high places. The foreground expresses the difficult times that lay ahead of them.”

– Seth Sengendo

Acrylics on canvas.

Artist Details

Facebook: seth sez

Instagram: @seth-sez


About: Seth Sengendo is a Kampala based artist. He has been in a BSF Men’s Class in Kampala since the early 2000s and served with the Student Program. 

In his local church he serves with the children’s ministry including outreaches to the inner-city children of Kampala City.


“The Prophet Micah” 

By Nancy Lucas Williams, U.S.


“God answered my prayers for the creation of this piece above and beyond what I could have imagined. God impressed upon my heart.” Micah 4:3b-4 and Micah 5:2.

‘But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah,
though you are small among the clans of Judah,
out of you will come for me
one who will be ruler over Israel,
whose origins are from of old,
from ancient times.’ (Micah 5:2) 

God sent me a model and he felt my desire to paint him an answer to prayer to encourage his faith. Since God knows I paint from life and I needed real live figs and fig leaves to identify Micah’s prophecy that:

‘… Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore.
Everyone will sit under their own vine
and under their own fig tree,
and no one will make them afraid,
for the LORD Almighty has spoken.’ (Micah 4:3b-4)

God provided and directed me to a fig tree near my house with figs and leaves for use in my painting even though it’s not the season for figs!

Glory be to God forever and ever who always keeps His promises!” 

– Nancy Lucas William

Artist Details



Instagram: @themastersatelier

About: Nancy Lucas Williams has been involved in BSF for over 35 years as a Class Member, Discussion Leader, Children’s Leader and Children’s Supervisor. Currently, she attends a satellite class in Washington. She has a B.A. in art from Whitman College and completed her “atelier” art school studies at the Ingbretson Studio outside of Boston. 



By Carole Leung, Australia


“This is a CG painting I did on an iPad. This painting portrays Jeremiah as a weeping prophet who is young, faithful, and obedient to God. In the background is God’s wrath on Judah’s rebellion. I experienced a lot of trial and error before completing this final project. Praise God for giving me the time and the Apple Pencil from my daughter! And thank you to BSF for providing a platform for people to encounter Jesus through art.”

– Carole Leung

Artist Details

Facebook: carolegraphics

Instagram: @Carole_paintings

About: Carole Leung has been in BSF over 5 years as part of a Women’s Class in Perth, Australia.

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